We understand it can be intimidating if you haven’t been to a church service recently. To make it easier, this page was created to give you an idea of what to expect when you visit Church of the Sower. Most morning services last about an hour and a half.  If you need to leave during the service, no-one will complain if you slip out a few minutes early.

An usher will greet you and provide a church program. You may sit where you like or the Usher will help you find seating. The songs are projected on the main screen for you to follow along if you desire. The service normally consists of singing, Bible readings, some prayers and an easy to listen to teaching.

When you come into the building, someone will greet you at the door and direct you towards the Main service area. Should you need a restroom they are located on the left, by the water fountain, as you enter the Main Service area as you come into the building. 

If you have children they can sit with you or attend our children’s ministry- COTS KIDZ . During the Sunday service, everyone worships together for the first half of the service. After the worship and announcements the children will be escorted by our Staff and voluteers to the Sprouts area (ages 3-6) or the COTS KIDZ area (ages 7-12) for their own activities. These activities are run by our trained staff and volunteers that are excited to teach your children about God. They will have fun-filled events designed to teach your child about God’s love. They may even win some prizes to take home.

We hope this helps to explain what a service at Church of the Sower is like. We encourage you to come visit we’d love to see you!  We can arrange for someone to meet you and show you around if you desire. If you still have questions please call us at 407-851-1733 or email your question to info@churchofthesower.com


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