Church 101 is our Vision and Membership class.

This one hour class is set in a relaxed atmosphere and is the first step in understanding the vision of Church of the Sower. It provides an excellent opportunity to engage and ask questions on topics such as Church of the Sower’s beginning, our Pastor’s, leadership, church structure, who we serve in our community, and our core beliefs. The Leader ‘s will guide you through an easy to follow booklet with a Q&A after the class to answer any questions you may have about the membership process or about Church of the Sower. For those interested in becoming members of Church of the Sower information will be given at the end of the class.

We encourage you to join us at our next Church 101 and get to know us. To view dates and register for our next Church 101 visit here.  

For more information or questions you may use  NEXT STEPS  to contact us.  



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